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DIY digitalization in cooperation with Research Institutes of Sweden


In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about digitalization and the importance for companies to digitalize their businesses. However, there is still a gap for many between understanding the need to act and knowing how to proceed. To choose the right path to digitalization, it is important to learn more how different technologies can and should be used and where they would have the greatest value for users.
Thanks to technology developed in e.g. the gaming, Internet and computer industries, there is today vast opportunities to improve education, information and communications. The challenge is to understand how the technology can be used to create value in different industries.
byBrick Interface and the research institute RISE realized that one way to help companies is to show good examples where digitalization has generated concrete value. We filed a common application for a grant to initiate a common project addressing precisely this challenge: DigiDIY – Digitalization, Do-It-Yourself.


The purpose of the DigiDIY project was to demonstrate the possibilities of new technology and how organizations can benefit the most from it. Another purpose was to show organizations how easy it can be to get started with their digitalization journey – if given the right inspiration and concrete assistance.


The project included six seminars presenting inspiring and interesting examples how new technology can simplify, improve and streamline the operation of an organization, while increasing security. There were three themes for the seminars: new technology as business support, business modelling and training/education, each with the following setup:

  • Inspirational talks on ideas and experiences from earlier research projects and case studies in industry.
  • An interactive workshop where participants were helped to apply findings on the internal challenges of their own organization.

DigiDIY kit

The seminar participants were offered a digitally distributed material, a DigiDIY kit, focusing on digitalization in industry – from idea to implementation and follow up. The idea was to give participants something to get them started or to speed up their digitalization journey.

The DigiDIY kit was based on the collected findings and experiences from previous research projects along with real business cases and best practice from companies and digitalization initiatives in industry.

The kit should be thought of as a concrete toolbox for organizations to initiate or continue their digitalization work and increase knowledge about the relevant technology focus areas. The toolbox includes a series of workshop exercises to help organizations analyze their current situation, develop their digital strategy and create the best conditions for a successful implementation.

To reach more companies than those participating in the seminars, the kit is available for free download. Click here to download the DigiDIY kit.

The seminar series within the scope of the project has reached about 100 companies in the Västmanland and Norrbotten regions, and about 250 people in total have participated in the activities. 175 people have downloaded the kit and another 110 have received a printed copy.


RISE är en unik kraftsamling för att öka samhällets innovationstakt. Genom att samla flera forskningsinstitut och ett hundratal testbäddar och demonstrationsmiljöer i en innovationspartner skapar vi bättre förutsättningar för samhällets problemlösare. Vi ägs av svenska staten och arbetar med – och på uppdrag av – näringsliv, akademi och offentlig sektor. Tillsammans utvecklar vi tjänster, produkter, teknologier, processer och material som bidrar till en hållbar framtid och ett konkurrenskraftigt näringsliv.

Erik Stridell Business Developer