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Augmented Reality app for JiV


A changing job market is nothing new. But the fact that it is now happening at the same time in all businesses at an exponential rate due to globalization and technical innovation creates challenges at a whole new level. Which jobs will change, which will disappear, which new ones will arise? How do we prepare coming generations for this change?
This is a key concern of the organization JiV (Jobba i Västerås, eng. “Work in Västerås”). Its task is to spread knowledge about tomorrow’s job market and its challenges – and prepare young people for a new future.
Many organizations have tried to reach out to young people in this matter, without success. The message doesn’t seem to come across, which results in most youths continuing to choose traditional jobs that, unfortunately, are likely to disappear within a decade.


JiV had to be creative and take on the challenge in a unique way. They decided to live as they learn and use the latest technology to reach out with their messages to their young audience.
They contacted byBrick Interface, who they knew had a lot of experience of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and app development. Now they wanted to create something that would appeal to young people and get their attention.

“In a time when the labor market is going through dramatic change, it’s important for us at JiV to show how new technology will make jobs better and more fun in the future. AR and VR will be a natural part of this,”
said Björn Nordén, President of JiV.


In a few initial creative workshops, it was decided that an Augmented Reality app should be developed. The purpose of the app was to visualize e.g. how teachers and doctors may soon be using new technology such as Augmented Reality in their day-to-day work.
Augmented Reality is a real-time technology that combines physical and digital expressions. Using a smartphone, tablet or digital glasses, the user can view information stored on top of reality in a digital layer. In this case, we used a tablet to position the digital layer.


The app was first launched at Almedalen Week, a democratic meeting place held annually at the Swedish island of Gotland. JiV invited key digitalization influencers to a seminar on strategic competence provision, discussing the changing labor market and how to reach out to key competence groups in the future.

Before the panel discussion, JiV demonstrated its Augmented Reality application to visualize how professions such as doctor and teacher will change as new technology becomes available.
“It was important for us to actually demonstrate our app, not just talk about it. We had a great response from our seminar guests at the Almedalen Week. We are looking forward to repeating our communication to 60,000 teenagers next year,”
said Björn Nordén.

Jobba i Västerås har arbetsmarknaden som arena och strategisk kompetensförsörjning som syfte. Deras vision är att skapa Sveriges bästa lokala arbetsmarknad. Jobba i Västerås är nationell partner i arbetsmarknadsfrågor.

Erik Stridell Business Developer
Lotta Lindberg COO & Project Manager