Interface Cases Aroseken AR

AR-app for real estate visualization


Aroseken is a local real-estate company in Västerås, Sweden, that wishes to stay at the tech frontline in the housing industry. They are early adopters eager to try out new technology.

As a small actor, Aroseken needs to stand out from its competition. When marketing and selling prospected apartments in Västerås, they wanted to add value to their customers during the sales process. The idea was to help customers visualize and experience the apartments – before they were even built.


byBrick Interface was asked to create a Virtual Reality solution in which Aroseken’s customers could walk around in the prospected, still unbuilt houses. Aroseken wanted the VR experience to convey a sense of vacation, while smoothly integrating the houses into the prospected neighborhood. The virtual environment had to be truly realistic to meet these demands.


To ensure a realistic virtual experience, we contacted the interior designer responsible for the brand perception of the houses. This helped us match the virtual design with the overall housing concept.

The virtual houses were built by our VR specialists and 3D artists in Unreal, as this software was considered to ensure best visual quality. For the virtual experience, HTC Vive was used. Users are able to walk around on both floors, visit each room and genuinely experience what it would be like to live in the house.


Virtual viewings of prospected houses have many advantages compared to looking at 2D drawings. It is easier for customers to understand what they’re buying and how it would feel to live there – they are offered a better basis for decision. By providing virtual viewings, Aroseken is perceived as an innovator in the local housing market, one that truly prioritizes customer experience.

Aroseken är en bostadsstiftelse som bygger hem och hyr ut lägenheter till staden och människorna som bor här. Ca 6 000 hus och lägenheter har det hunnit bli sedan starten 1956. Just nu växer framtidens Västerås fram på bland annat Nordanby Äng, Gäddeholm och Gotö, Barkarö.

Erik Stridell Business Developer
Håkan Gill CEO byBrick Interface