A committed partner in sales, marketing and service since 2004

Our friends at ABB have been our most trusted customers ever since we first founded byBrick back in 2004. Our collaboration over the last 15 years has been truly inspirational and we are proud to have played a key role in ABB’s success.

We are committed to continue supporting ABB to maintain its leading position and to deliver on its brand promise in every customer touchpoint. Especially when it comes to our own key expertise – building excellent sales, marketing and service experiences.

Over the years, we have gained a deep insight into ABB’s diverse businesses, portfolios and challenges. We also bring crucial experiences from other customers to the table, while curiously monitoring the latest developments in the global sales and tech innovation landscape.


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Celebrating 15 years of innovation in

Sales enablement and marketing

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Marketing and campaign strategy
Art Direction and branding
Concept development
Creative direction
Graphic design and illustration

Motion graphics and movies
Digital design
VR/AR Development
Unity3D development
Hardware integration

Digital business development
User experience design
App development iOS / Android / Win10
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User interface development
Azure technologies

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Erik Stridell Business Developer
Johan Ekholm Project Manager