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Vi utvärderar med robusta metoder och standarder så att insiktsarbetet stödjer både ledning och operativ personal

For continuous learning and optimization

Continuosly monitoring and evaluating how work is proceeding, what creates value and what does not, adjusting and optimizing is essential in today's digital ecosystem 

Organizations are constantly broadcasting and the importance of understanding what works and how the overall customer experience is with all messages, channels and activities is crucial so they constantly can optimize and improve communication. As a result, they are not stuck in chasing likes or reach, but reaching out to their actual target audience and making them do what they had planned for. Evaluation is not about right or wrong. It is about always wanting to learn and develop.

byBrick Insight is a member of the AMEC, International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication. AMEC works to unite industry through best practice and close links to business and academia, and advocates avoiding unpredictable measurements, such as ad value, PR value and such.