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Videos from our events

The event Why on september 27 2017

Asking the question why creates discussions about business goals, organization, motivation, driving forces, activities, channels, results and more. The communicator's role is to navigate in all these issues and help reach the goals set when companies and organizations found their answer to Why.

We let a number of amazing speakers talk about their perspective on the question why, communication and of course measurement and evidence. In the seminar we hoped to give inspiration to dare to ask more why questions, we know that they affect so much.

Thank you all who came and listened, discussed and networked!

The event was a collaboration with Sweden's Communicators, Sweden's largest professional network for professional communicators.


Ann-Sofie Krol is CEO of byBrick Insight and is in the International Board of AMEC. She has long experience and special skills in strategic communication, measurement and analysis of communication and its effects.

Annsi was the moderator during the day and began reasoning about why we measure and why we may not measure. It's not about right or wrong, but a will and desire to learn and to make things better and smarter, from that experience. But when you know more, you must also dare to act. Why is that so difficult? See Annsi's introduction in swedish to the event below.


How to maximize your talk in a connected world

Karin Zingmark has over 20 years of experience in driving change on the topic of communication and leadership, most recently as Microsoft's Marketing Manager. Today she is a sought-after lecturer and strategic advisor on the subject, as well as current with her debut book "Maxa Snacket - so you can achieve success through digital communication."

The time when management could delegate communication to a communications department that packaged and brought out the company's message has long passed. In today's media landscape, companies must become fully communicative by listening, analyzing the outside world, taking on customer insights and pushing for change in ongoing dialogues with both employees, customers and the outside world. See Karin share concrete tips and advice on how to build a communicative organization below.


Towards a world of reliable rotation

Patrick Delombre is Marketing Director of SKF and has a long background on various positions within the company, including Product Manager, Marketing Manager for SKF's business in the food industry and factory manager.

When a conveyor belt in a mine stops, it can mean up to two million kronor per hour in lost revenue and costs. Often the cause is an accident in the machine's heart - the rotating shaft. SKF is a global technology company with products and services that ensures reliable operation in, for example, mines, paper mills, airplanes or wind turbines. In an increasingly complex flow of information, the need for easily accessible, simple and relevant information increases to enable SKF's customers to make the right decisions. See Patrick tell us about the change SKF is going through to ensure a world of reliable rotation below. (Swedish)


We measure and measure, but what do we do with the results?

Jacob Hallencreutz is CEO of EPSI Rating Group, which measures customer satisfaction and loyalty in about ten European countries. In Sweden, under the well-known brand name Svenskt Kvalitetsindex - in several industries regarded as the most important national index for customer satisfaction. Jacob has a broad background as head, consultant and researcher with experience from both the service and manufacturing industry and the public sector.

Jacob Hallencreutz, together with researchers at the School of Economics and Chalmers, has studied how information from customer measurements is actually used. The study clearly shows the arguments why measurements also affect the results and long-term effects. High customer satisfaction and loyalty and good financial results have a clear link and are evidence of hard and systematic work. Self-explanatory in theory, but far from obvious out in the so-called reality. See Jacob inspire you to make measurements for the right reason and see the results improved below. (Swedish)


When numbers become knowledge

Torbjörn Sjöström is CEO of Novus, Sweden's most reputable survey company. Torbjörn is one of the most prominent representatives and experts in the research industry. For his work, he has won the prize Europe's best CEO in the survey industry and Sweden's best communication consultant.

Many companies and organizations often want to know what their target groups think about different issues. But to dare to dig deeper and understand why they think or do as they do is much more interesting. Only then can you understand what and how to go about influencing a question. See Torbjörn guide through the difficulties and opportunities and also through the perspective WHAT, WHY and HOW here. (Swedish) If you understand these questions, you no longer work with numbers and data, but with knowledge.