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Doing business should be an easy, appealing and engaging experience. With this in mind we have successfully helped leading industrial brands to improve their product presentation, argumentation, quotation and training for more than 10 years.

Today, our digital toolbox ranges from interactive product showrooms and VR-simulators to mobile product selection and field quotation tools.

Tools tailored for the industry

A great sales tool gives your sales force the confidence, efficiency and engagement to succeed in the market and delivers management transparency for measured impact.

Our unique experience in industrial marketing and sales, along with our passion for technology and development makes us the perfect fit when your sales staff need that extra edge and support in their customer interactions.


Our Products 

Field quotations made easy

In a world of complex selling no customers or quotes are alike. Using the face time with your customers efficiently is crucial to sales success.

byBrick QiK is a mobile sales tool for products and services that enables your sales force to instantly transform customer requirements into customized quotations.

With our proven process of converting a diverse portfolio into a user friendly tool, your sales team can be up and running sooner than you ever imagined.

A hub for your marketing and sales

Technology shifts will only go faster from now on - this is a good time to take control. You need to move quickly in a constantly changing landscape of customer demands, competitors and technologies.

byBrick Business Cloud is a central switchboard for all your marketing content, ready to adapt to the screen and situation that is in front of your customer, at any given moment.

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Optimize your field sales

Customer stories

Atlas Copco – ST7 mining simulator

All the new Virtual Reality devices becoming available opens a new world of opportunities. We have already worked on several projects using the Oculus Rift.

With help from our 3DVR department, Atlas Copco can now fit a complete Scooptram ST7 mining loader simulator into a cabin-baggage sized bag.

Using a custom made conversion unit, we also connect actual levers and pedals used in the real ST7 to complete a true mining experience.

Customer stories

ABB – Field Service sales tools

Within ABB, Our Qik service quotation platform is currently used by sales teams in over 50 countries.

This has been a true success story - as good as they come. While we obviously can’t share the numbers, we can safely say that our sales tool was one of the key factors in changing the business model and the way ABB sells service agreements in several of their business units.

Customer stories

Kalmar – Cost of ownership calculator

To improve the sales of electric forklift trucks, Kalmar needed a user friendly way to compare their total cost of ownership based on depreciation value, interest rates, maintenance cost and energy price.

A number of input parameters and stored machine values makes it possible to see the real total cost per year, month and hour of operation.

The application also includes a break-even calculation and a PDF-report generator, to help the sales staff in their argumentation and presentation to the customer.


Customer stories

ABB – The DCB app

Demonstrating and arguing for the benefits of extremely complex technical solutions requires high competence. And good tools.

With a new high voltage breaker technology available, ABB needed to quickly get the word out about the gains customers could get in terms of space requirements and system availability.

We created the DCB configuration tool in which sales staff together with their customers in a few steps could set customer conditions and retrieve a recommended ABB solution complete with space savings, increased uptime, circuit diagrams and a 3D layout of the solution.


“I have said earlier, but GREAT WORK from you guys! End users seems to adopt it directly with no resistance at all met so far - It can only mean that concept & tool has been well aligned with business."
“After our first week of using the new method we secured our first order, just one day after visiting the customer. Previously, this would have taken much longer.”
“The simplicity of the display input and output, the added value of the 3D zoom-ins along with hotspots all seem to have brought home the fairly complex topic in an understandable way.”
“This is so great that I can quit my job. The machine is presenting itself now.”
“Everyone who has seen the app is really impressed and thinks it looks good and useful. Taking it to customers will be like Christmas.”

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