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Transforming business

We have launch another website where we gather and share our knowledge about business transformation, enterprise portfolio management among other topics. 

You can find blog posts, whitepapers as well as invitations to events. 

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About byBrick Management

We help you transform your business into a more competitive and efficient organization through improved service offerings. Through a 360° perspective, you’re able to make the right strategic investment decisions from a business perspective.

Having a 360° perspective means that you look at all aspects, securing all your issues and challenges. Otherwise you run the risk of overseeing important aspects that break your intentions and goals. We give you Strategic Advice, help you with Architecture and Design, Implement and Managing of Change in your business. All by using our Smarter Decision Platforms and Accelerating Methods.

Do you know which decisions, activities and projects will have the greatest impact on your business performance?

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byBrick Management Blueprints

Our unique blueprints give you leverage in your Business Transformation and Service Management. The blueprints merge best practices and extensive practical experiences from a multitude of organisations in both private and public sector. They are the base in our Delivery Model and secure consistent and efficient delivery of value to you.

Our senior Business Transformation and Service Management experts are highly skilled and experienced in design, development and implementation of services and processes. We work integrated in your organization, enabling sustainable change from within and prefer to work as a team together with your resources. We utilize competence, skill and experience from both our experts and your in-house staff.

Customer stories

Global Automotive Corporation

In order to improve customer orientation and internal production control of services, byBrick were engaged with the knowledge and experience of service management.

Through our models for managing an extensive and comprehensive regulatory framework for service logic, service architecture and service models, we changed the structures and behaviours in order to increase the effectiveness and to ensure efficient processes.

The result was a comprehensive Service Catalogue Framework to enhance and support the delivery of Business Services to the client’s customers.

Large Swedish Municipal

The municipal management needed to define a clear vision and goal for the IT-department. byBrick was engaged to coach and lead the IT-management team in the work to establish a common goal and vision. We also implemented a Balanced Scorecard containing vision, mission, critical success factors and barrier-breaking goals.

The result is a better aligned IT organisation with better performance in all key focus areas.

Customer stories

International Communication Corporation

To reach higher service delivery revenue, the client took the decision to standardize its service delivery in a single Service Delivery Process. They needed help with best practices in both service delivery and process design. byBrick was engaged in the development of the process and the production of standardized operational procedures.

The result was one common Service delivery process for higher effectiveness and quality in the client’s global Service delivery.

National Energy Corporation

The customer needed to better describe how their customer-facing business processes was linked to the production processes. This was made by implementing a well defined process architecture. byBrick was engaged to lead way with our high expertise and experience in processing architectures.

The result was a more process-oriented approach that contributes to greater efficiency and customer orientation.

Customer stories

International Recruitment Corporation

To help management improve the decision support for investments, to make them better aligned with strategic initiatives, byBrick has provided a portal solution for the enterprise project management office (PMO). 

The solution ensures automation of project reporting, better analysis and prioritisation of pre-investments. With the target to provide better insight to the investments and benefits, byBrick has improved the transparency and control to inflight and planned initiatives – providing strong business analytics for sharing decision support across all parts of the global organisation.

The result has been a comprehensive solution to managing the global PMO with a high degree of automation and reporting for all involved stakeholders.

International Utility Corporation

With high focus on business application governance and rationalisation, byBrick has provided a portal solution for Application Portfolio Management. With high automation and strong business analytics, the business partners have been the key stakeholders for aligning information between various business units and IT.

byBrick has provided a solution for the enterprise applications portfolio and business partnering, which helps the organisation to maintain and plan cost and modernisation with a high degree of planning and forecasting. We provided better insight to the application landscape, improved transparency and the single source of truth for the business.

The result has been a comprehensive solution to rationalise cost in the application landscape, ensure business lens to running IT, and to empower governance in application management.  


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