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Industrial marketing

People to people communication is the new black

Let’s be honest, traditional B2B marketing is not doing it for us anymore. People build relations, relations convert to sales and create prosperous business. This insight has been our key to success as an agency. The ability to enable people-to-people communication in the business to business segment is the holy grail of industrial marketing.

As the power shifts from the supplier, and product marketing, to customer driven initiatives through social engagement and content marketing, product and technology is no longer king. Knowing your audience and their emotional and rational triggers becomes more important than ever to create an engaging brand that lasts over time.

Grasping the opportunities within the digital channels is a powerful way to drive both brand perception and engagement. We believe in differentiation through communication.

With over 70 years of combined experience in industrial marketing, our passion for complex products and applications is unquestionable. Over the years we have created a perfect match of creative and digital minds to match your marketing challenges.

“PAKR and the quiz were successful and it all went just as it should have. MANY THANKS for a great cooperation and a professional attitude and work."
As far as I’m concerned, we are DONE! This is work of art ! All the needed elements not only included but very discretely tied together as a complete story.
"This is very well done. I would like all the salesmen and technicians to have it on their laptops. This is very interesting to show the customers."

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