Interactive 3D and
Virtual Reality
for sales and training

Since the very beginning, visualization has been part of our core business. When it comes to creating business value with Virtual Reality, few agencies come as prepared as us.

We can also make a good case for using interactive 3D in your business even without the latest device technologies at hand. Our tailored sales and training applications for tablets and PCs holds much better potential than data sheets, brochures and videos.


By using the latest Virtual Reality technology, our simulators become completely immersive. Instead of experiencing a training scenario through the computer screen you can now actually step into a simulated world. This means that the user can not only interact with the technical solution on screen, but also truly experience the size and power of a machine while performing their training.

Our connected simulator software also allows remote support and maintenance, and if you need to take it on the road you can pack it up and be on your way in a matter of minutes.



  • Lightweight & portable

  • Possible to use actual industrial controllers

  • Easy to scale up with more content and users

  • Multiple simultaneous users

  • Possible to supervise operator training from remote locations

  • Customizable to fit customer requirements


  • Trainees get more face time with the machine

  • Trainers can educate more people at a lower cost

  • Support and logistics can be done at a fraction of the cost compared to legacy industrial simulators



Lightweight product simulator


Shipped in one case


Actual industrial controllers


Latest VR technology


<15 minute setup

Product demonstrator

Interactive 3D applications for PCs, iPads and Android tablets. Also great for touch screens at tradeshows and events. A great way to help customer in choosing the right product and demonstrate the features and benefits of your offering.

  • Interactive product selection and benchmarking
  • Operate the machine and make different parts transparent to show functionality
  • Zoom in on details and animate key processes
  • Implement interactive TCO/LCC calculations and reporting

Mobile VR solutions

The next step of our product demonstrators – a completely mobile VR solution.
When you want your customers to experience your offering in real 3D.

  • A fully immersive customer experience, that you control
  • No WiFi or Internet connection required
  • One tablet to control multiple VR-devices




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